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Grate Flames is owned and operated by Joe Woods. Located in lovely Fairview, Tn.. In 1996, I moved from Memphis, Tn. to Grass Valley, Ca. with 7 years experience in apartment and casino maintenance. I also had several years in residential and commercial building construction. While living in California, I started working in the Hearth Industry  and fell in love with making people warm and happy all year round by installing and servicing their new hearth products. After being an employee of a local Grass Valley hearth dealer for over 9 years, I started my very own business as a hearth service professional in 2005. I serviced and installed hearth products in the Sierra Foothills for 10 years. In that time, I expanded his business to include other services like gutter and dryer vent cleaning. This expansion was done at the request of current customers. After 10 years of service in Northern California, my wife and I decided to move our family of four back to Tennessee to raise our two sons. Now Grate Flames is proudly serving Fairview Tn. and surrounding areas. So, if your fireplace, stove or insert is in need of a little TLC please give me a call. If your outdoor grill looks like it has seen better days, please give me a call. If your dryer does not seem to be drying those clothes on the first run, you might need to give me a call. If your gutters are flowing over (yep, you guessed it) give me a call.

(615) 975-1208